27 Ways To Love Yourself

One of the best possible ways to increase our positive influence on the world is to find ways to truly love ourselves each and everyday. There is a need to put ourselves first, but in such a mindful way that it in turn helps grow our compassion and love for others. Here are some great ways to accomplish this:

  1. Learning that you can say “no, thank you” to anything that doesn’t seem right for you.
  2. Speaking only positively about ourselves and not being worried about feeling like we need to be humble.
  3. Feel it all fully, accept it, be aware, process and move on. Sadness, happiness, fear, or joy!
  4. When you’re making a decision, no matter how big or small, ask yourself what is the best thing for me. Trust the answer you receive and go with it.
  5. Take as many days as you can where you can be totally disconnected. No phone, no emails, no societal pressures.
  6. Take a personal day every once in a while… This doesn’t have to be about calling into work, just a day all for you.
  7. Find a daily spiritual outlet that really resonates and works for you.
  8. Know what your priorities are, stick to them.
  9. Keep a gratitude journal!
  10. Meals are the most ancient form of social interaction. Put down the phones, set the table, talk, laugh, enjoy!
  11. Keep your spaces tidy and organized. Create routine around where things go.
  12. Make the bed every morning. The ritual helps you hit the reset button.
  13. Make a bucket list! Make an effort to cross things off frequently.
  14.  If you have extra money, donate.
  15. Speak only what is true, positive and necessary.
  16. Buy your clothing based on the following principles: I
    • Is it comfortable?
    • Does it make you feel fabulous?
    • Was it made with quality and conscientiousness in mind?
  17.  Avoid unnecessary drama at all costs.
  18. Live simply! We don’t need to buy each and every new toy, gadget, or piece of gear to be happy!
  19. Speak up when necessary and stand your ground for what you believe
  20. Foster profound compassion & forgiveness for others and ourselves.
  21. Eat your meals and go to bed around the same time every day (or as much as possible). Also, look into the science of following your circadian clock for eating! Dr. Satchin Panda is one of the forerunners in research on how this benefits our over all well-being!
  22. Remember that the food we eat fuels our health and happiness! Pay attention to how your body feels when you eat something and listen to what it is telling you.
  23. When you look at your reflection, tell yourself you are beautiful and try not to compare what you see to anyone else.
  24. Harness your energy, use it sparingly and mindfully.
  25. Spend time in nature everyday. A 10 minute walk outside, time in the garden or simply enjoying your morning tea or coffee on the deck/patio!
  26. Get out and play often!
  27. Fall in love. With a moment, with a person, with a feeling.

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