Letting Go.

Autumn seems to hold many great lessons, but the one that nature seems to enjoy imparting the most during this season of change is the art of letting go.

We move through our lives, often filled with grief over moments seemingly lost in the ceaseless motion of time. This grief tends to rake up a staggering pile of all the things we could have, should have, or would have done differently. They loom over us, nagging us, and our minds so often wander back to them.

Learn the lessons of autumn here;

Let moments pass, basking in the beauty they bring.

Let that beauty change and progress, like the turning of the leaves

Let the grief of a lost moment fall away, floating on the wind, and resting far from the tree of your mind.

Let yourself joyfully play in that pile of could haves, would haves, and should haves with careless abandon and playful awareness. Toss each one into the air with a burst of laughter, sending it off elsewhere.

Let it all go, remembering that this too shall pass.

The leaves will change.

They will fall.

And the crisp autumn wind will blow it all away.

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