It’s been almost two months now since I was diagnosed with my auto-immune disorder and it has been nothing short of a rollercoaster of diet and lifestyle changes and with it the inevitable emotional rollercoaster.

Today is the very first day that I feel like I can sigh in the relief of feeling like some progress has been made.

Today is the very first day that I feel like I can begin to accept the large and subtle changes that are crucial to me taking my self-care to a whole new level.

Today I finally feel like I can really meet myself right here, right where I am at in this moment. Physically, mentally, spiritually.

Today I compassionately and excitedly breathe in the wild winter air, filling my heart with hope. And as I exhale I make space for all the new adventures to come, no matter what shape they take!

Today I give myself the permission to not have to do it all, but do everything that really matters to me. To my health, to my soul, to my big, beautiful, beating heart!


All poetics aside, my progress report has actually been good. I really see that now.

Some of my labs have just barely gone back into the normal range, while others are still whacky, yet significantly improved.

I don’t necessarily feel like I have more energy, but I do feel like my body is healing.

My stomach namely has improved by leaps and bounds with less painful days or general upsets, despite having an accidental cane sugar exposure just after hitting the 30-day mark on the AIP.

Food reintroductions are on the horizon and I’m hoping that nightshades will prove to be nothing to worry about in the future, especially with a trip abroad quickly approaching, and to a country that loves its spices.

I think the most important aspect of all of this has been identifying my support system and utilizing them as best as I can. It has been eye-opening to see just what resources those near and dear to me have to offer and do so without hesitations! I feel truly fortunate to have some wonderful people in my life to help me along this path!

A big thank you to all those that I count on in that network, you hopefully know just who you are!


Now, the practice of learning to adapt to these life changes from time to time makes for only progress, not perfection. I strive to be the most adaptable and understanding of myself and others as I continue this lifetime practice.


Much love and peace to all those fighting their fight and wearing a smile all the while.

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